Is Man a Dead End of Evolution? : An Anthropological and Religious Perspective. Prof. K. Nirmalananda Reddy.

Amoeba to Man: Evolutionary Trends

Evolution is change in physical form of one organism to another through change in the genetic material, i.e., DNA, in time and space. Amoeba is a single cell organism to start with and man is the latest product of evolution and in between evolved, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, aves and mammals. Man belongs to the class Mammalia, order Primates and species Homo sapiens in short.  

The Significance Of Mind, Body And Spirit Complex: Prof K Nirmalananda Reddy

The physical and Spiritual nature of us: 

Have you ever thought how you are related to this Universe? Yes, remember, you are part of the universe and it is a clear fact when you are here in physical existence. Your conscience and consciousness in the form of spirit or God particle grasps its attachments with the universe as units of energy. You are thy energy in spiritual and physical entities. To make it simple, we are actually spiritual beings in the physical form of existence with a name as identity and appearance. It is a mistaken notion that we are physical beings on spiritual journey. This is the truth- of life and existence. We are confused to understand and realize this fact and tend to be more physical and attach ourselves to worldly matters leaving aside the spiritual nature in us as that being the real witness and consciousness of life. This is the mysticism of physical life that we are unable to grasp it. 

Baba Baba Black Sheep....Man-Society-Nation and Politics : K.N.Reddy

This is not just a rhyme of LKG but holds good for the democratic or autocratic Governance as well. My mind is clogged with confusion between truth and falsehood; deception and divisiveness in the reality show of human drama.  Just think for a while, whether what is in my mind sharing with you is correct or not.  The political system or situation of the country is as such that people are black sheep in the minds of politicians, of course, who got elected through them.  Thereafter, they become black moneyed lot for the rest of the tenure and expect people be very white.  They take away all the wool of public without asking even for courtesy.  This was the case of Governance of yester years of kings and the same continues now in the name of democracy.

Religion – Terrorism – Politics : A Threat to Humanity Prof. K. Nirmalananda Reddy (K.N.Reddy)

Religion and Terrorism:

Truth is that the very existence of us on the land of God and bless all equally. If Man is to distribute these blessings, many would go with out them. And the land we live on planet earth is divided in terms of race and religion and thus, they embrace lot many complexes, inferior and superior, and let people live on insecurity and animosity.  This is an unfortunate complexity of Man’ culture and society.  Human faith in God is considered as Religion.  While all religions believe God as one but there have been resulted different paths of faith and this has resulted into animosity between various sects of respective followers.  The resulted phenomenon has been linked terrorism by the world of politics.  The acts of terrorism are often inhuman and intolerance is the cause of concern for peaceful existence of man and society and thus nations.  Is the war only a solution to these terrorist acts of religion ?  If that would be the imminent then the next third world war would be between Islamic States and the rest of non-Islamic States., a presumed prediction.