Balanced Food And Nutrition

Health is strongly associated with food and nutrition and both food and health are bio-cultural in nature. Food is the energy source for us and the energy is derived from the nutrients of the food. The amount of energy requirements for the body depends upon the nature of physical work or activity. On an average a heavy worker requires as many as 3000 to 3500 calories of energy per day; while a medium worker requires 2500 calories and a light worker may require 2000 calories. If people fall short off these requirements, they are subjected to nutritional disorders. A balanced food consists of good nutrients that include 50% derived from carbohydrates; 30% from proteins; and 20% from fats. How one maintains this table of food and nutrition is an indicator of nutritional health and overall physical nutritional health.
food nutrition health pyramid of food selection calories fat carbohydrates k n reddy

Nutritional Disorders 

In reality, we all fall short of this table of food and nutrition and subject to Protein-Calorie (energy)-Malnutrition as we are subjected to socio-economic differences world over, society and culture wise. In poorer countries people suffer from protein-calorie (energy) deficiency which is a severe form of nutritional disorder. Kwashiorker and Marasmus stand good examples. In developing countries people may have calorie sufficient and protein insufficient. But in developed countries the scene is reverse as most of them are over sufficient in protein-calorie meat as a result they subject themselves obese condition. The nutritional indicators like, under nutrition, balanced nutrition, over nutrition and malnutrition are important in determining a country’s progress in food distribution and development as a whole in the field of food and nutrition. 
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The risk groups in nutritional healthcare are mostly children and pregnant women. They need more attention and nutritional supplementation. This is taken care of by the respective governments or the nation under the supervision of UNICEF and UFO and local governments with funded central government. 

Food And Pesticides

The modern agricultural technology puts us at health risk as we are consuming food of high in pesticides and more of processed cereals and pulses and flours grounded by heavy machines than that of traditional. This situation has put us at cross roads in choosing bio-friendly and eco-friendly foods (Organic foods). 
agricultural products with pesticides and organic manure foods k n reddy 12

The raw fruits are being ripened overnight subjecting them to chemical processes. Some fruits like apples are coated with certain chemicals and wax whereby they shine and look fresh for many days but inside they get rotten. This is the food and nutrition situation we are put to ourselves.

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