Micro-Evolutionary Dynamics of Generations:

The present generation is smart in their genetic makeup and the next generation is smarter  than the earlier one.  It applies not only to the biological genetic content but to the cultural context too.  It is because of the fact that the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) , the genetic material gets refreshed or tuned up and keep resistant to the changing environmental conditions over times of each generation, i.e. 35 years.  This process is called micro-evolutionary dynamics of the DNA positioning. 
older generation and present generation as smart and smarter comparitively k n reddy

DNA and its Changes:

In short, the DNA, the material of heredity, is a ladder like double strand helical structure with nucleotide pairs attached with four different bases, namely, Adenine, Cytosine, guanine and Thymine.
DNA double stance structure

They differ from each other in the arrangement of carbon, hydrogen nitrogen of which they are comp.  They are abbreviated as A, C, G and T.  These four letters DNA run alternatively to about a length, where nearly 35000 genes are made to function the body’s structure.  A certain length of DNA is considered as a gene that has specific structural expressiveness.  The double strand of DNA represents, as a matter of fact, one strand of the paternal and the other strand of the maternal.

The Genetic Code:

Just like the English language uses twenty six letters to form various words and sentences, the genetic code is also much simpler as it consists only four letters, A, C, G and T.  Furthermore, each ‘word’ is only three letters long.  And, finally the genetic vocabulary is a limited one, consisting of only twenty words.  Even though all of this may sound quite simple, it is enough to code all of the diversity in the living world.
dna length

A set of these bases is called a ‘codon’ and the vocabulary is called the ‘genetic code’.
A change in gene occurs through mutation (change in the genetic material) as a result to cope with the change in the external environment to moderation.  If a specific change at a single nucleotide pair is termed as ‘point mutation’.
point mutations in humans k n reddy

Most of mutations are natural and beneficial to the individual and future generations.  Mutations occur for the better adjustment and survival of the individual and the species as a whole.

Wonder of the DNA:

The DNA is vibrant in its nature and structure.  Though it appears very fragile material yet it is very stable..  The DNA, if it is properly preserved could be restructured at any later times.
dna molecule of life

One such attempt is made to study the extinct dinosaurs of Jurassic period.  Hence, DNA is described as life coil that gets changed in positioning of four bases although the coil from generation to generation to make the next generation fit to its times.  And that is the wondrous nature of DNA-the life coil.

As a result, the next generation is equipped with better genetic composition and maintain smarter than the present.  However, if the environment is hostile at any point of time even the beneficial mutations would not help the species to survive from its extinction as it was evident in dinosaurs of the Jurassic period.
stability of DNA and of dinosaur k n reddy

The over specialized cultural technologies of Man would pose a big problem for the biological and genetically adjustment over short times.  One principle of evolution is that any over specialization of any kind in any species may ultimately lead to extinction.  And evolution is irreversible.  Hence it is sought general mode of specialization for the well-being of the species.  Man must use his wisdom and judiciousness by realizing this fact of evolution and mend his ways of living in general mode of evolutionary principles.  Eugenics is the best way to adopt for human well-being.  Otherwise, he lands at cross-roads of life.

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